Industrial appraisals

Industrial appraisals


Industrial appraisals

What are industrial appraisals?

Industrial appraisals are services in it that Qualified opinions are provided by of experts I certified professionals in field of the "valuation" of machinery and equipment" either «real estate valuation» that They have the qualification technique and the experience to provide value physical to industrial property. , functional, technical and objective opinions on economic characteristics or operational.

For fixed assets in industrial companies, for real estate itself, for objects specials. and industrial warehouses either ships owned by the group.

What are Industrial Appraisals for?

Industrial appraisals are used for determine the fair value of your property based on  physical characteristics and current conditions in it market professional, hethese services assessment provides the information necessary for making decisions and understanding real of the asset value key a company or industry. 

The evaluations carried out by ANEPSA they manage to provide security on fusions and acquisitions, processes of sale and lease, prices lease, insurance, guarantees financial and accounting purposes. 

ANEPSA has certifications necessary for this profession and of the equipment suitable for your needs.

What terms are applicable to industrial appraisals?

The classifications industrial are available for companies belonging to industries such as manufacturing, mining, manufacturing, construction, livestock, air transport, tourism, telecommunications, agriculture, pharmaceutical, metalworking, mining, textile, chemistry, hotels, catering, foundries, etc.

What is the process of an industrial appraisal?

To carry out this type of appraisal, a 3-step process must be followed in order to conclude a value of the final asset.

Industrial appraisal methodology

There are 3 approaches through which it is possible to carry out an industrial appraisal, depending on the needs of the client and the problem or purpose of the appraisal that will be carried out. 


  • Market focus: It is a method of determining the value of a commodity that can be analyzed with other comparable commodities on the open market; It is based on research on the supply and demand of said good, recent purchase and sale operations, rental or leasing operations and, by compiling the data obtained, metrics that allow appraisers to estimate comparable market values.
  • Cost approach: To determine the value indicator by this method, it is necessary to quantify the physical and economic characteristics of the property, as well as its replacement or renewal value, which are subsequently affected by factors corresponding to defects caused by aging, conservation and maintenance. and as economically obsolete. , functional and technical. The evaluator must describe the nature of the deficiencies identified in the evaluation report. The value index obtained by this method must be recorded in the valuation report as value in kind.


It is a method of estimating the value of a property or other property that takes into account the possibility that another reproduction of the property will be built or acquired as a replacement or that may provide an equivalent utility.


  • Income focus: This income approach is a method of estimating the value of a property based in documents related to the income that generate. It is a method that consists of estimating the benefits that will accumulate in the future in terms of present value. For determine the value indicator low this approach, it must be determined the profitability of asset, as well as the capitalization, interest rate or discount rate applicable to particular case, this approach is guided by expectations and beginning older and better use, this approach it means to factors related to economic use and units of production economically indivisible, but not to it's components independent.


The amount of value that results from the application of this method should be recorded as capitalized value or income in the report of valuation.


What benefits do industrial appraisals provide?

Industrial valuations provide enormous long-term benefits to companies and industries as they facilitate various aspects of business related to asset condition and accounting knowledge. The benefits are the following:


  • The owners and shareholders of the company will obtain accurate knowledge of the value of the organization's assets, whether tangible or intangible, since this appraisal considers aspects such as machinery, warehouses, facilities and even intellectual property.
  • Insurance can be obtained for the organization and for the assets that are part of it and the insured premiums are the most appropriate.
  • It will help the organization conclude a fair payment of property taxes. 
  • If it is necessary to carry out a purchase-sale procedure, the fair value for the assets may be provided. 
  • The fair value may be determined by the company.

For what other purposes can industrial appraisals be carried out?

Depending on the needs of the company or industry, these industry assessments can be performed in the following situations:


  • Machinery and Equipment: To know the value of the company's machinery and equipment, an appraisal is carried out. 
  • Waste of industrial material or goods: When the industry has equipment or waste that is going to be used but that can be used in other industries, the company uses an approximation of the value of these waste. 
  • Impairment of long-lived assets C-15: It is used to determine the differential between net book value VS the Net Sale Price, this with the purpose of complying with the Financial Reporting Standard.
  • Property, plant and equipment NIF C-6: allows determining the value of those assets or businesses that are identified at the time of the acquisition or merger of a company. 
  • Fixed Asset Control: With it you can keep an eye on the fixed assets found in the company and thus have the possibility of building an updated inventory.


Anepsa Global is your ally for any type of appraisal, contact one of our advisors and resolve all your questions about industrial appraisals and which one best suits your company.

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