fixed asset control software

Fixed asset control software


Fixed asset software

What is fixed asset software?

Fixed asset control software is an essential tool for any company. It facilitates the management and administration of heritage assets in a comprehensive and optimized manner. It provides a permanent and updated database of each asset, from its acquisition to its disposal. With this, you can control the exact physical location, the person responsible for the asset, historical values and accumulated depreciation.

In addition, the system offers detailed information on the tax and accounting depreciation of each asset. This allows for more efficient management of asset maintenance costs, control of cost centers, insurance and maintenance. It also offers the ability to print asset labels with barcodes or QR codes for more accurate identification.

The purpose of using this fixed asset control software is to take into account the main acquisition aspects such as: maintenance, replacement, administration and different financial factors that come with having the fixed asset within the company.

Manage your fixed assets with SAAF

SAAF offers the possibility of knowing in real time the location of the company's assets, what condition they are in and what their real value is. 


  • You can know the exact location of assets quickly and easily.
  • View the history and Control of Assets.
  • Maintain control through Plates with barcodes and QR.


  • Know the tax, financial, C-15 and C-6 depreciations.
  • Know the declines in fixed assets.
  • Know about restatements.


  • Create a database.
  • It has an unlimited number of companies.


  • Provides safeguard control
  • Allows the location of company assets 
  • Get to see the traceability of each asset

Fixed Asset Control Software has what you need


With asset tracking software, it will be possible to generate reports in real time of each activity and the person who can manage them. Asset controls will be updated.

  • Access to the asset file by reading the QR code from any capable device with an internet connection.
  • Management of Changes with authorizations and permissions according to the user profile that is registered on the platform.
  • Editable Dashboard
  • Creation of Barcodes and QR Codes
  • Customization of formats and modules as the client requires.
  • Possibility of App in Clouding or Web Service
  • Registration of photographs, invoices and documents on the platform.
  • Creation and administration of Multi-companies according to the client's needs.
  • Creation and management of Users/Profiles
  • Change History by Registered Asset
  • Import and Export of Fixed Asset Bases for various internal or external purposes.
  • Safeguard Vouchers per User


The fixed asset control software offers the possibility of calculating depreciation in fiscal and financial matters c-15, c-6, b-10 and generating the corresponding reports.

  • Visualization of the status graphically of the Depreciation (Fiscal, Financial, B-10) by Asset.
  • Reports in excel and PDF format of depreciation
  • Editing depreciation by asset.

Where are they, in what condition and what is their value

The fixed asset control software has a module for maintenance that allows good real-time monitoring of all the organization's assets. 

  • Notification of maintenance notices when necessary
  • Creating maintenance tasks and processes
  • Work order management
  • Spare parts control
  • Control tasks from any available location 
  • Automatic and predictive maintenance, preventing and correcting.

Safety is the most important thing

We have the most innovative and new protocols and methods in order to ensure that client information is secure, applying high security protocols such as: 

  • Token 0auth 2
  • Hosting Address custom (IP / Address mask)


These types of security systems are used by large companies such as: Google, Twitter and even banking systems.

Fixed Asset Control Software adapts to you

At Anepsa Global it is possible to carry out any type of appraisal from fixed assets to commercial, fiscal and cadastral and with SAAF it is possible to manage the fixed assets of your organization in an easy and faster way, contact us and we will advise you.

Fixed asset control software


With Anepsa Global it is possible for this and other types of appraisals to be carried out, contact us by leaving your information or sending a message through our social networks, we are here to provide you with advice and guide you so that you know what type of appraisal is best for you.

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