gas station valuation

Gas station valuation


Gas station valuation

What is a gas station?

A gas station is a facility that sells fuel to the public through pumps, at a specific cost that may change depending on the movement of economic factors. 

Previously, Mexican oil was in charge of approving the construction of gas stations, but they determined a policy that established that a certain sales area was delimited, that is, investors were not authorized by the government to build gas stations in areas that already belonged to Pemex, therefore which was very difficult to find a gas station that was not owned by the same company. But in 2018, the opening to private capital was achieved, allowing foreign investors to come to the country to build new service stations for various companies, returning the energy sector to an economic sector now in development. 

Classification of gas stations

The types of gas stations They are based on their functionality and the relationships that they maintain with the operators that supply them, since this link conditions the way the point of sale is managed and, consequently, its way of competing for the end customer or consumer.

  • Management contract: Within this classification are the flagged gas stations and the free ones, the flagged ones have the brand and image of the distributor to which they belong, which are usually exclusively distributed by them, while the free ones have an independent brand and image and belong to the businessman. , the supply is made without exclusivity. 


  • According to the service provision: Within this classification there are subclassifications, such as 


Traditional: Those that we can usually find and have 3 or a greater number of pumps that provide service and have the most normal fuels, are located in cities and areas with easy access. 

Tourist: What differentiates this type of stations is the area where they are located, they are located on main roads with the purpose of providing service to travelers. 

Basic: They are built in rural areas with little population, usually very small. 

Mini gas stations:  They are in urban or rural areas and are “passing through.”

For transportation services: They are exclusively built for heavy load transportation, supply diesel and offer other services for this type of consumer. 

Gas station valuation, what is it?

To know the real value of a property it is necessary to carry out a valuation, initially we can obtain an approximate value based on the type of gas station for sale, whether it is rural, urban, highway or some other, all this is calculated mainly based on the volume of liters that each station sells. 

It is also necessary to take into account the assets you have, such as the land, special facilities, machinery, construction, furniture you have, and it is also necessary to know that in this industry the market is restricted, which is why There is not much supply, usually the transactions or sales are carried out with investors from the same sector. 

Obtaining an accurate and real value is based on its physical characteristics, the area or location and its use. 

What method is the best to value a gas station?

Since currently the sale of fuel allows entrepreneurs to have an approximate profit margin of 6% of the commercial volume, the valuations made with a cost approach and an income approach are obsolete today, since they do not calculate a reasonable value for the type of good we are talking about. 

Since, as we mentioned before, the valuation of gas stations is based on the volume of liters they sell, the economic unit method is the most appropriate to carry out the valuation. In this type of approach, the service station is compared with the others that have similar characteristics, such as area, m2 of construction, land, among other factors, to know if the two have possibly similar values.

Why value a gas station?

Since there are currently many gas stations owned by private institutions, the sector and service has evolved and become relevant in Mexico, it is necessary to really know the value of the entity to be able to do: 

  • Sales 
  • Shopping
  • Insurance policies 
  • Guarantee
  • Rent 
  • Investment or financing 
  • Loan Application
  • Transfers 


With Anepsa Global it is possible for this and other types of appraisals to be carried out, contact us by leaving your information or sending a message through our social networks, we are here to provide you with advice and guide you so that you know what type of appraisal is best for you.

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