Aircraft Valuation

Aircraft valuation


Aircraft Valuation

If you want to know what the real value of an airplane is, it will be necessary to go to an expert appraiser who will review the entire aircraft in detail. Like other means of transportation, aircraft must have maintenance and this must be done every certain period of time, all of this so that when an appraisal is carried out, the resulting value is correct. Since some damage can affect the real price of the aircraft, it is also necessary to keep a record of all the part changes that the aircraft has, all of these parts also influence the total value.

What is Aircraft Valuation and why is it important to perform it?

This type of valuation allows us to know the value of different types of aircraft such as: airplanes, airships, hot air balloons, helicopters, among others. There are two groups in which the types of aircraft are classified: military aviation and commercial aviation, commercial aircraft have to follow certain standards, which if not followed may interrupt the valuation process and may lose value for the same reason.

It is important to carry out this appraisal since in addition to helping us know the value it has in the market, it tells us the state of the aircraft, we know a history of when maintenance is performed or what the parts that have been replaced with new ones. In order to determine the condition of the aircraft, different aspects of the aircraft must be examined, such as: the windows, its upholstery, the instruments it has, among others.

What aspects must be considered when carrying out an Aircraft Appraisal?

  • Model
  • Engine
  • Antiquity
  • Systems (hydraulic, electrical and navigation)
  • Emergency Kits
  • Fuselage
  • Structural Repairs


Before choosing which method to carry out this assessment, it is necessary to clarify that first some other activities must be carried out, such as

  • Conduct a study on the condition of the aircraft
  • Check the documentation (manuals, logs, incident logs, etc.)
  • Review the unit's equipment (materials, technology, etc.)

What are the methods to carry out the Aircraft Valuation?


It consists of knowing what the cost of a reproduction or replacement of the aircraft to be valued would be, the resulting cost will have to be proportional to the insurance or another unit equivalent to the one valued.


Analyzes the supply and demand information that exists in the market to be able to have references on the prices at which aircraft are found with the characteristics at which it is being valued and with this to be able to arrive at the real price of the aircraft. With this method, the result of the valuation of commercial aircraft will vary depending on the use that is going to be given to it.

What is the purpose of carrying out this valuation?

There are different reasons why an aircraft valuation is needed, but among the most common are: the intention to make a purchase - sale, for the payment of taxes, aircraft insurance claims, among others.

Furthermore, the results obtained from the valuation would help the owner or company that owns the aircraft to be able to make different decisions that involve their aircraft, such as: the frequency with which maintenance is carried out, its current state, knowing more in terms of the purchase and sale of aircraft similar to yours, if something needs to be modernized, etc.

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