Valuation of assets

Asset Valuation


Valuation of assets

What are property appraisals?

The appraisal of assets is used to conclude the fair value of an asset, which can be tangible or intangible, the estimated value will be established in an official and private document, a property valuation must be carried out by certified experts who evaluate the value of the property. property based on its various characteristics.

Why is asset valuation important?

Before setting the price of the item, the seller must know its true value (appraisal) to have a basis for determining the price at which he can sell it. 


This will avoid a high price that makes the sale difficult and a loss is possible if it is sold for less than what it is really worth. As for the buyer, the evaluation of the goods will ensure that they have a real value, as well as helping to know the characteristics. specifics of the goods in question and ensure that they are in good condition and are a fair purchase.

What are the assets that can be valued?

At ANEPSA we have and work with a wide variety of widely trained professionals to carry out appraisals of assets, from office equipment and furniture, to large constructions such as industrial warehouses, guaranteeing value opinions and estimates based on current market conditions, everything. this in order to solve and exceed the expectations and needs of appraisals for purchase or sale transactions, obtaining insurance policies, price distribution, accounting records, support for trusts, some tax guarantees, also tenders, auctions of assets, financing, disposals, among many others. 


The assets that can be valued through this study are:


  • Planes: Airplanes are aerial vehicles designed to transport people and cargo over long distances, they use aerodynamics and engines to fly and are widely used in commercial and military aviation, airplanes allow rapid connection between cities and countries, facilitating travel and international trade.


  • Boats: Boats are vessels designed to navigate bodies of water such as oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, there are a wide variety of types of boats such as cargo ships, passenger ships, fishing boats and military ships, boats are essential for maritime transport of goods and people, as well as for maritime exploration and tourism


  • Libraries: Libraries are institutions dedicated to the collection, organization and public access to a wide range of information resources, such as books, magazines, newspapers and multimedia materials, libraries are important centers of learning and culture, providing access to knowledge and encouraging reading, research and personal development.


  • Audio and video equipment: Audio and video equipment includes electronic devices designed for the reproduction and recording of sound and images, ranging from speaker systems, music players and voice recorders, to televisions, DVD players and video cameras, audio equipment and video is used both in home entertainment and in the production and dissemination of multimedia content.


  • Computer equipment: Computing equipment includes electronic devices used for processing information and performing computational tasks. Includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and servers, these devices allow people to perform a wide range of activities, such as web browsing, communication, content creation, programming and data analysis, computing equipment is essential in the modern society, both on a personal and professional level.


  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Construction team
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Artworks


  • Industrial machinery: Industrial machinery refers to equipment and devices used in industrial environments for the manufacturing, processing or handling of products, it includes a wide variety of machines, such as lathes, milling machines, presses, industrial robots, power generators, welding equipment, among others. , industrial machinery is essential for efficient and automated production in various sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, mining and agriculture.


  • household goods
  • Process equipment: Process equipment is used to carry out specific operations in the production and transformation of materials, it is designed to perform tasks such as mixing, separation, heating, cooling, filtering and chemical reactions, some examples of process equipment include storage tanks, heat exchangers, chemical reactors, evaporators and centrifuges, this type of equipment is essential in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and oil processing industries, among others.. 


  • Electronic equipment
  • Store and warehouse equipment
  • Specialized tools: Specialized tools are instruments designed to perform specific tasks in different fields, such as construction, carpentry, mechanics and electronics, these tools are developed to be precise and efficient in the execution of specialized jobs, some common examples of specialized tools include screwdrivers, wrenches, fine-cutting saws, multimeters, welding equipment, among others, these tools are used by professionals and hobbyists who require specific tools to carry out their work effectively and safely.
  • Furniture and office equipment
  • Molds and dies
  • Spare parts
  • Robots
  • Transport equipment
  • Material handling
  • Plastics
  • Metalworking
  • Auto parts
  • Food


Methods and techniques for valuing movable and immovable property

Market Methodology

In this method, the value of the goods is calculated by comparing them with others that already exist on the market.

Income Methodology

The value is calculated based on the income it gives to the company, that is, the benefits that can be generated in the future are concluded in a present value.

Cost Methodology

A value is estimated through physical and economic characteristics and replacement or reproduction value, followed by depreciation costs.


With Anepsa Global it is possible for this and other types of appraisals to be carried out, contact us by leaving your information or sending a message through our social networks, we are here to provide you with advice and guide you so that you know what type of appraisal is best for you.

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