Boat Valuation

Boat valuation


Boat Valuation


Boats are vehicles that can be moved through water, that is, they can float, they move thanks to a person driving them or the wind propelling them. These boats have always been used for different purposes, whether for commercial use (fishing), for tourist use or to transport goods that cannot be carried by other means of transport.

So the valuation of boats will allow the owner of this asset to know what the exact economic value is, in case he wants to sell it and does not have losses in the process. To know this value, a detailed examination must be made of different aspects of the boat such as: the model, its size, original or new parts, deterioration, among others.

Why is Boat Valuation important?

Owning a boat, like any property, is an investment and it is expected to obtain some economic benefit from it, so in the same case as with a property, this appraisal will help the owner know the real value of his boat in the event of a future sale or is it useful for someone who wants to buy a boat.

This appraisal is important to carry out not only for the part of a possible purchase - sale, but also to be able to find any fault that must be repaired and this type of case directly affects the price of the boat.

What are the aspects to consider for a Boat Valuation?


In order to know the real value of a boat, the following aspects must be reviewed in detail:

Vessel: Here the boats are classified by activities and their purpose of use, this in case they are fishing boats, this classification is because depending on what the boat is going to be used for, the risk to which it is exposed and its wear will be different.

Background: The history of the boat is investigated from the person who built it and the date it was built, including the current owner.

Machinery: All the pieces that make it up and make it work are taken into account.

Additional features: Any accessories that have been added and that have not been present since the boat was built.

Electronic components: Everything that is purely electronic such as navigators, radios, telephones, etc.

Security: It refers to life jackets, anchors, emergency vests, among others.

Refrigeration: If the boat is a fishing vessel, it must have special warehouses so that the product is kept in optimal conditions and does not spoil.

Fishing materials: You must have everything necessary for fishing, this in cases where the boats have that purpose.

Components: Here all the components of the boat are reviewed in detail, so that the expert can know which way to follow to make the valuation.

Methods to carry out the Valuation of Vessels

Market: The supply and demand of goods is investigated, which share characteristics with the property that is going to be valued, sales that have been made recently are also investigated, all this to have a reference of the prices that are handled in the market and be able to arrive at the real value of the asset to be valued.

Costs: Here the cost of replacing or reproducing a new asset is taken into consideration. In this method, the depreciation of value that occurs due to the deterioration of the asset is also taken into account.

Income: In this method, the future benefits obtained from the use of the vessel are calculated.

Types of boats that we can value

cargo ships

  • container ship
  • Cargo Ships
  • General and oversized cargo ships
  • Refrigeration or temperature controlled vessels
  • Barges
    Tankers (gas carriers)
  • Multipurpose Vessels
  • Roll-on transport vessels
  • Bulk cargo ships
    Supply ships
  • Tankers
  • Vehicle carrier
  • semi-submersible vessel
  • Ice breaker
  • Oil
  • Supertanker
  • Tug
  • Fisherman
  • Beacon
  • Rescue

Transport ships

  • Cruise ships
  • jet skis
  • Open bow boat
  • Semi-rigid boats
  • Cabin boats and cruises
  • Yachts
  • Ferry
  • Raft
  • Transatlantic
  • Kayak


  • Sailing dinghy boats
  • racing sailboats
  • Sports Sailboat
  • old sailboat
  • Sailboat/Regatta Cruiser
  • Cruise Sailboat
  • sailing yacht
  • Multihull sailboats


  • Auxiliaries
  • Aircraft carrier
  • Battleship
  • Cruise
  • Destroyer
  • Frigate
  • Corvette


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